Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Halt Dry Skin Problems: 5 Tips to mend flakiness

Check out your Calendar!

 Yes, you know winter is at the door step with dropping temperature and dying humidity. But how could you forget when you catch yourself in dry flakes? No, this can’t go on like this. After all, you’re all couture’s selection.

Watch out some fabulous tricks to mend your dry skin.

1. Eat Hydro

Thirsty skin craves for hydration! 

Wise Word: Hey coffee-holics! Say hola to water.

If you love coffee, love water even more! Because those pretty beans can dehydrate your skin. To keep up the best part in you, transform yourself into an H2O quenching machine.

Put quirky tags on your bottle or pour precious drops on quoted mugs which can make your gulping time an anti-boring one.

Water loaded fruits and puffy vegetables contain high water content. Thus there is another resort of water saving.

2. Care upon Care- Gentle Cleanser

Yes you care, but how you care is what matters!

After a hectic schedule, you just wait to flop on bed without thinking of adverse effects your makeup feasts can make!

Well, your bubbly skin reflects your inner Fashionista. To keep it right and healthy forever, use a tender cleanser to remove makeup. 

You ought to try Oriflame diamond cellular micellar solution cleanser which presents micellar technology to gently and easily remove all impurities, without rinsing off.

Beauty Punch: Cleansing oils are excellent while removing shabby trace-ups of makeup.

Apply light moisturising cream after using cleansing agents that will balance your dry flakes.

3. Tick Tock - Skin Care Time

Although you have a loaded schedule, but keep a tab on feeding your skin with right essentials, round the clock. 

For a soothing and plumped up face whole day, try Oriflame royal velvet repairing night cream which will shield your skin from drying out.

Do you know: A night cream can quadruple the skin’s life with anti-aging benefits? However, they have thick density, which is injected to take care of your skin throughout the night. 

4. Foundation with What?

Always go through with an extensive research while buying foundation. 

Judge them by not only comparing shades but also figure out their hydration and SPF scale. And the bad thing is “dry skin says no-no to foundations”! OMG, then?

Hey Divas, no need to worry at all!

The key to unlock the question is the way of foundation application. Use a damp and tender beauty blender sponge to level the balance of hydration while applying foundation.

For natural looking skin, one can try Oriflame Gold Giordani foundation which smoothly glides over the skin’s texture without hampering dryness.

5. Let’s Pout

You lips do a lot on your behalf!

Dressing is not the last thing you can serve, but keep on hydrating them properly time to time.
  •  First of all exfoliate them with a sheer lip scrub to assure they are actually cleaned.
  •   Before stepping out, apply a lip balm to make them pulpy soft and then apply lip shades (if you wish), but make sure the lipstick also composes moisture content.
If you’re seeking some home-made remedies; try beeswax which are though tacky but instantly nourishes your lips. Or, apply sugar with rose petals which called as perfecto scrubbers and then without rinsing, apply light moisturiser.

Aforementioned are some easy to try essential dry skin remedies. Now time is to apply and share your experiences and ideas with us.

Don’t forget. We’re eager to hear you! J

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