Friday, 19 August 2016

4 ideal weight bench exercises for women to lose weight

The desire for a tone up body can lead you to a weight bench as the ultimate exercising equipment. You hardly need heavy weight gym equipment to get a firm body. If you are just concerned about getting a well toned body, then a weight bench is enough for you to practice toning workout. The simple weight bench presents plenty of toning workout options for your upper body, lower body, arms, abs and legs.

Follow these helpful workout techniques using weight bench.

Tone up your upper body:

When it comes to toning up your upper body, a weight bench can help you in plenty of ways. Chest exercises such as the bench press and flys can be done to ease up your muscles before the rest of the workouts. Apart from that, you can use light weight dumbbells to tone your chest. Even you can do pushups placing your feet on the weight bench. Try inclining pushups, which works on your shoulder.

Strengthen your lower body:

It is quite smooth working on your lower body on a weight bench. Aim at combination workout methods like step, squat, lunge, squeeze and more to make your muscles tight. You can try out step-ups and single-leg-squat dips for an instant result. A weight bench can help you to work out on your legs. Sit on the bench holding the corners and raise your legs in the front. Now, bring your legs closer to your body slowly. This way you can tone both your abs and legs.

Shape up your arms:

Dumbbell curls can perfectly tone up your arms. Buckle up and make your biceps, triceps and shoulders into shape. Go for triceps kickbacks on the weight bench or biceps brachii in order to get well shaped arms. You can sit on the edge of the bench and try bringing your arms in the front part of your shoulders. This way you can tone up the muscles of your shoulder.

Work on your abs:

A weight bench is the ultimate tool for women to achieve a perfectly sculpted tummy. You can try out combinations of various exercising modes like crunches, leg lifts and much more to accomplish a beautiful flat stomach. Place yourself at the end of the weight bench with your legs out straight. Now, pull your knees closer to your abs while balancing your body on the bench.

These exercises are effective and can easily get you into an amazing shape. Keep your workout schedule busy with these exercises right away. Keep calm and workout!

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