Thursday, 20 April 2017

Tops That You Shouldn’t Miss for a Stylish Makeover!

We all love tops as these are the most commonly found pieces in a girl’s wardrobe. Tops with their simple, laid-back, cool and comfy look never fail to charm us. No matter what the season or occasion is, we always look forward to get one for us. With the beginning of the summer season, the hunt for women’s top and t-shirts has already been kicked off. After all, who likes to walk around in heavy outfits? Braving the summer heat isn’t simple. In fact, it takes a lot to keep us cool. And in that, the type of outfit we choose has to play a pivotal role.

Tops being one of the comfortable outfits are apt for hot weather. Since there is a wide assortment of tops available in the market, choosing one could be hell of a task. To help you out with that, here we have come up with a few types you would love to add to your collections. Let’s take a ride through different tops for women which are latest ins this season.

Poly crepe tops

Poly crepe is the fabric with stylish grooves which creates a crisp ruffling form. The fabric is created with threads that are tightly twisted in either the warp, weft or including the both. As it’s made of polyester, it boasts the same durability. There is no need to fret upon the wrinkles since these are wrinkle free. Poly crepe tops are what made of the same fabrics which not only look gorgeous but are durable. You can wear them for years to come. The flowy look quite common in women’s poly crepe tops is what swooning women these days. Be it sleeveless, full sleeves, crew neck, asymmetric or any other pattern, poly crepe tops are available in almost every style.

Women’s polyester tops

Polyester fabrics are known for their sturdiness and durability. It retains its shape and makes great clothing for outdoor activities in harsh weather. As it easy to ash and easy to dry, it surely makes a staple in every woman’s wardrobe! Women Polyester Top is what you would love to have to wear in the conditions that require lightweight, wrinkle free and easy to dry clothes. There are many polyester tops online in different cuts and designs to choose from.

Rayon tops for women

Rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric which comes with smooth finish and sheen. The knits of this fabric are quite soft and drapey and stay longer as compared to cotton knits. Rayon tops for women are yet another fashion picks which have added women in its fan-following bandwagon.

Viscose tops

Viscose is slinky, loose and cool fabric quite famous in women’s clothing. The fabric is made from cellulose fiber derived from plant. It seems as cotton fabric counterpart, however, stronger than the cotton. Tops made of viscose fabrics are fast becoming a fashion staple due to their rich feel and shiny texture. There is little maintenance involved, hence, women find it a must-have apparel in their wardrobe.

What’s more? There are various viscose top designs to choose from. From crop tops to asymmetric, full sleeved, half sleeved, sleeveless, embroidered, laced and off shoulders, literally there is no dearth of styles to choose from. You can match these with any bottom wear and go rocking any event in no time!

From formal to semi-formal and casual, viscose tops can be found in any look and with gorgeous styles.

So, girls, go get your tops right now to match your bottom-wear! These tops have been gracing many women, now it’s your turn to make most out of these! Take a stylish approach towards your fashion statement and look like million dollars this season.

Wear your tops right, and go wowing everyone you encounter on the way!

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