Sunday, 13 March 2016

All the 7 Top Trending Sports Shoes for Men You Must Buy

Sports are an essentiality for every man’s life. You work hard, toil tirelessly throughout the day ,come back eat, go to bed and lead the same mundane life the following day. You wished if you had any time to play sports or keep your mind, body and soul fit by running, jogging, cycling, exercising, yoga, etc. But then you need the proper shoes to do those which you might not be able to decide which one to choose, right? But no worries, this article should be able to clear your doubts as to which pair will be the perfect gift for your feet. Read on to find out:

Bostan Running Sport Shoes

You decide to go to early morning jogs, or run for marathons, this pair of shoes will always impress you. It has a forefront flex and combined with a tough rubber outsole which promises great comfort. The funky combination of blue and green colors give it a very modish look.

Elligator Anchor Yellow Adventure Shoes

This shoe is perfectly crafted for you if you’re heavily into athletics or into track and field events like marathons, high jump, long jump, etc. The dream shoes for athletes, it also is a marvelous choice for breaking a sweat in the gym or while doing aerobics. Wiping the dust off is too quite easy as you just need a soft, moist cloth. Grab them as soon as possible.

Centto Black and Red Sport Running Shoes

Do it with capris or shorts to get the uber-cool look or with cargos to look like a hunk, Centto Black and Red running pair of shoes promises you the desired look with a push towards fitness. It has a deep contrasting color combination which makes it look very attractive. Now for its qualities, it is made up of a fine fabric material which will give you the much required comfort while you make the run with a strong outsole support from underneath.

Lancer Silver Running Shoes

The silver running shoes by Lancer will always motivate you to run those extra miles than you usually do. The show has a meshed inner lining and provides ample heel support because of its low ankle shape. It’s lightweight, durable and has a lustrous silver color which makes it a perfect buy.

Balls Rub-O-Run Running Blue
The shining, glimmering blue shoes by Balls will definitely get your feet all the stares. It has a dense blue shade which makes it an instant eye-catcher and boasts some ace quality features like TPU heel support for weight balancing, padded collar and suede tongue for optimal comfort and a relaxing sole. The shoes showthe considerable results while playing cricket, football or badminton, etc. 

Sports Pu Running Shoes

Athletics, gymming, or aerobics, these running shoes by Sports Pu will the perfect partners for your feet. Enticing looks, sleek design and a cushy adjustment for your twins below, the shoes serves dual purpose; helping you to stay fit and giving your looks a lot of finesse. Totally a fashion statement.

Port Unisex Sport Shoes

You might have spotted a suspicious word here- Unisex. No worries, its cutting edge design and bold looks will make you look like ‘The Dude’. In addition to it, the pair is impressively lightweight and has a tender, breathable mid foot support. The shoes are equipped with Articulated Phylite carrier which gives you smooth and flexible dynamics.

So these were the latest fad in town, the 7 you must have men’s sport shoes in your shoe-drobe, each better than the other and we hope by this time you might have already made up your mind to add all the 7 in your cart! Stay fit, stay healthy.


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