Saturday, 9 April 2016

Top 5 men’s party wear shirts

The heat is on full mode, but that shouldn’t stop you from partying your heart out. Summer party wear shirts should stack up your cupboard this season, so that whenever and wherever you go for a party you always manage to look different and dashing. Birthday parties, wedding parties, office parties, beach parties, holiday parties, Sunday parties, house parties, reunion parties, festive parties, season parties, and the list is endless. You look around, you see parties. Every busy man likes to take out time from his busy life to enjoy and celebrate and so do YOU. Presenting the 5 summer outfits that you must have in order to look best in parties:

The simple white

Let’s make a decision – A simple, plain white cotton shirt is the most attractive attire that covers most of your upper half. You can wear it with jeans, chinos, trousers,cargos, corduroys, trunks, shorts, capris, etc. A spotless white shirt will bring out the best in you. Moreover, white is the best colour that can be worn during summers as they attract the least heat in comparison to any other colour. So style on, white on!

Those shiny velvets

The most striking feature of a velvet shirt is its lustrous appearance. In any party you attend, whether birthday bashes, reunions, receptions, etc, you will always get that extra shine which will make you look absolutely stunning.

The sleeveless hunk

The sleeveless t-shirt is the perfect outfit for summers and the funkiest piece of clothing you can wear to a party. If you’re going to a beach consider the sleeveless shirt your prime choice. The best part about it is that if you’re a gym freak, then a party will be the best time to show those bulging biceps of yours.

Polos- the one that makes you look Mr. Fantastic

The style, the class, and the manliness are all what you need to look dapper in a party. Wearing the polo t-shirt exactly gives you the same as mentioned. If you are going for a holiday to party destinations or if you’re caching up with your colleagues for a formal meet, the Polos are the absolute choice.

The Holiday mood: Floral t-shirts

Floral t-shirts give you the Mexican look and its thin cotton texture always makes you feel ‘THE BEACH’ is near. Floral t-shirts are old-school party tees and are ideal outfits for summer parties. So wear your style to pool or beach parties.

The above mentioned were the type of shirts you should have and wear it to different parties. So shut down all your inhibitions, get set and PARTAY!

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