Tuesday, 7 June 2016

5 kinds of sarees for women to embrace traditionalism

The eternal connection between Indian women and sarees is legendary. Every Indian woman has a special regional collection of sarees from states all over India.  Whether it is a wedding or any traditional affair, a saree is what a woman needs to appear as an iconic beauty. Apart from conventional sarees, there are lavish designer sarees emerging as the modern age inspirations. The Indian ethnicity has often defined by sarees in the ancient era. Moreover, the ultimate saree trend is spreading worldwide starting from the Indian film industry to the international platforms. Needless to say, a matching blouse can truly complement the overall look when it comes to wearing saree.

Check out these sarees to upgrade your traditional wardrobe.

Kanchipuram silk sarees: the royal expression

Kanchipuram silk sarees are originated from the state of Tamilnadu in India. The supreme fabric and rich design make it extremely desirable. These sarees are made by expert weavers with fine detailing. The intricate work with golden and silver silk threads all over the saree will definitely make you look heavenly. According to the legends those weavers who knit these sarees are known as the weavers of God. The vibrant colours and designs of a Kanchipuram saree formulate it perfectly sought-after for a wedding party or traditional gathering.

Banarasi sarees: the evergreen jewel

The classic Banarasi sarees are invented at the spiritual city Varanasi in India. The aesthetic beauty this saree will make you appear regal in every occasion. Banarasi sarees are well-known for their detailed embroidery with golden and silver zari and brocade. Basically, these sarees came into existence during the Mughal era. The Muslim craftsmen have uplifted the tradition of Banarasi sarees for decades with their specialist woven techniques. This saree can truly bring out a grand look when you wear it for the right occasion. Be it a traditional Indian wedding or a special affair; show off a sheer elegance wearing a Banarasi saree.

Bhagalpuri silk sarees: the queen of silk

A Bhagalpuri silk saree is made of rich tusser silk fabric by skilled artisans. These sarees are admired by women of all ages. The rare dying technique of a Bhagalpuri saree revamps it into a magnificent beauty. You can wear this saree on various traditional or formal events to come out as a symbolic beauty. The graceful embroidery and magical artwork all over this saree truly enhances the appearance of a lady. The fabric of a Bhagalpuri silk saree is gentle and pure enough to provide you a comfortable feel. Wear it with matching blouse and accessories to appear sophisticated and polished.

Chiffon sarees: the modern-age trendsetter

Chiffon sarees are real companions of conventional women. These are light weighted, simple woven and made of sheer and ease fabrics. A chiffon saree is specifically crafted with tender polyester fabric with pure modishness and charm. These sarees are ultra light, silky and flowing enough to accomplish a remarkably classy look. All those ladies who love to play with fashion are bound to have an urbane collection of designer chiffon sarees. Be it a cocktail party or a traditional wedding, a chiffon saree will perfectly go with every occasion in your list. Turn up as the talk of the town wearing a well-designed chiffon saree at the next party you visit.

 Net sarees: the gorgeous inspiration

Net saree is an ultimate party wears to facilitate a diva look. These sarees are translucent and knitted with superior net fabric in effortless criss cross designs. This saree can flawlessly bring out the beauty of a woman’s silhouette with its close-fitting factor. The intricate borders and sequined works all over the body of net sarees set it apart. You can always beautify your appearance wearing an embellished net saree on a wedding or make a sensuous style statement in a social gathering instantly. Pair up matching accessories to get that much talked about look.

Now, make the most of it in order to choose a well suited saree to flaunt conventionality in weddings, parties or a get together. Give a face-lift to your traditional wardrobe with exquisite sarees.  

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