Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Find the tailor made skirt according to your body type

Women have a special corner for graceful skirts in their hearts. When it comes to buying summer friendly skirts according to the body types, all we need to do is proper research before hitting to the market or online stores. Choosing the right length and material is one of the leading exercises while buying a perfect skirt. A skirt can be the most versatile outfit to experiment with. Skirts are considered to be one of the staple outfits for a woman’s wardrobe. Wearing a skirt teamed up with shirts or tops is quite trouble-free when you are aware of your body type and preferences.

A-line skirts for the hourglass hottie:

A-line skirts take the pattern of ‘A’ letter. These skirts are narrower at the upper part and widens towards the end. The hourglass body shape shows a perfect bust line and hipline with a narrow waist. . A woman with an hourglass figure can wear an A-line skirt to perfectly accentuate her beautiful curves. Team up this skirt with a stylish top or shirt for a formal office party to be the center of the attraction.

Circular skirts for the apple shaped fashionista:

Circular skirts are narrow at the waistline and make a pretty circle towards the hemline with flares. An apple shaped woman with broad waistline and narrow hands and legs can opt for a circular skirt to highlight an ideal contour. Team up a circular skirt with a tank top or halter neck top to accomplish an eye catchy appearance. Appear classy wearing a circular skirt right away.

Broomstick skirts for the pear shaped diva:     

Broomstick skirts have creases all over which make multiple layers. These skirts can be long or calf length with a casual or semi-casual approach. This skirt makes you look thinner with a flowing pattern. This skirt can be a perfect pick for a pear shaped lady with small bust and wider hips. A broomstick skirt can enhance the elegance of a pear shaped woman. Pair this skirt with a denim jacket and matching heels to be the talk of the town.

Flared skirts for the banana shaped beauty:

Flared skirts are elegant and flare up towards the hemline. These are suitable to those banana shaped women with absolutely no curves. A flare skirt adds great shape to a petite woman. Wear it with a vibrant shirt to show up as a head turner.
Go on, upgrade your wardrobe with groovy skirts this season!

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