Thursday, 7 July 2016

3 things you should know about why women wear sneakers without socks

Well, wearing socks with a pair of sneakers is certainly not necessary when it comes to women. The modern women have discovered plenty of ways to style up their appearances. So, they often tend to go sock less. One of the greatest concerns of a girl about socks in those summer days is that uncomfortable feeling all day long. Apart from that, a pair of socks makes it lot more airless when you wear them under women’s sneakers. When it comes to maintaining the style quotient, women always prefer to put on sneakers without socks.

Here are some itsy-bitsy explanations regarding a woman going sock less.

The style quotient factor:

Almost half of the women go sock less due to the style factor. However, there are a number of women’s sneakers, which cannot go well when you pair it up with socks. A pair of wedge sneakers with ankle length would not necessarily need to pair with socks. These sneakers are sturdy, edgy and trendy, but surely not fancy. Wear them with shorts or denims to come out as a head turner. 

The comfort factor:

Another primary factor is comfort, when we talk about socks. Wearing socks make your sneakers stuffy and uncomfortable inside if you are wearing those tight fitted sneakers. Women feel uneasy quite often wearing those woolen or cotton socks inside their sneakers. Obviously, pulling off socks makes it lot more congested within. Some of these ladies sneakers can be worn with ankle length sneakers made of cotton.

The quality factor:

 Here comes the quality of your beloved sneakers. When you choose to wear those premium quality sneakers for women with ultra soft cushions inside, you barely need to put on socks. The feminine texture, soft cottony interior and tender walls of your sneakers keep your feet relaxed all day long.
So, now we can draw a conclusion by adding that it’s not mandatory to pair up socks with your favorite sneakers. Go sock less to let your feet breathe. 

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