Friday, 15 July 2016

4 Types of Wallets Every Man Must Have!

Let’s face this ugly truth, when it comes to wallets, men do not buy a new one, until and unless the one he’s using is torn apart. Unlike women, men do not get whimsical when it comes to fashion. However, this perception is changing. Would you like to wave a rugged men’s wallet in front of someone, although you’re dressed up like a prince charming?

Of course, NOT! No Way! That would certainly be a disgrace to your personality, isn’t it? So, guys, it’s time to update your wallet collection by adding some newer ones that we are going to suggest you over here.

Evergreen, Classic Leather Wallet:

Believe it or not, this is the one that you would love to take out every time you need to pay grocery bills or fill up the tank at a gas station. Holding cards, cash and coins in different compartments as per the usability, this classic wallet is a must buy for men. Durability is what adds to its classiness, hence, choose a high-quality leather wallet.

Tri-Fold Wallets for Men: 

As the name implies, ‘tri’ stands for three that simply means this wallet features three folds. For younger, dude guys, this is a must have. Fit for a limited number of cards, it becomes a little bulkier when folded up. With cool graphics and materials available in, these taking the men’s fashion world by storm.

Slickest Cardholder Wallet:

When you have to join your mates for a night out, you need not carry a lot of cash rather a bank card, an ID, and some cash. A slick and slim cardholder wallet come handy in those situations. At present, these have become popular due to great functionality and usability. So, forget clog up pockets, carry just the needed essentials on a night out with your buddies!

The Simplest Bi-Fold Wallets: 

This is one of the most widely used wallets for men. Available with a lot of variations in darker to lighter shades, bi-fold wallets cater to every individual’s needs.

So, men what are you waiting then? Pull out a designer wallet to up your style quotient!

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